i wish there was an app that listed job opportunities, listed by closeness to your zip code and also how much they pay like i need a job but i dont need a 7.25/hr job ya feel

like halfway thru last year we did standardized testing and we got free muffins and this one girl was like no thanks im on a diet and im mad because i starved myself, lost control of myself, and lost then gained 26 lbs and im so mad because she gets to be not disordered she gets to decode ok im going to lose x and then do it, slowly but surely and she’s healthy and its NOT FAIR AND IT MAKES ME WANT TO RESTRICT OUT OF SPITE WTFS WRONG W ME

i was pretty buzzed today amd it ws fun untim my mom came home and then i just had to pretend i was sober


just another flower growing in a concrete jungle.

i only reblog vines to save and show my sister later


this will always be my favorite vine ever


I’m way too entertained by eating disorder movies. So many of them are so bad and it cracks me up. 

(look at how good I am at pretending like there aren’t ulterior motives)

dont get me started on eating disorder books


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vodka smells like poison every time i drink it i have to make sure not to breathe through my nose

drinking vodka out of a new mommy mug